Sunday, September 24, 2023

Mexico: Arrested for killing wife and eating her brain

A man has been arrested in Mexico after allegedly killing his wife for eating her brains and using her skull for cigarette ash.

According to foreign media, a 32-year-old man, Alvaro, was arrested on July 2 at his home for allegedly killing his wife on June 29 under the influence of drugs.

According to reports, the accused has also confessed to killing his wife before the police.

According to foreign media, the suspect has confessed to eating part of his wife’s brain and using her fractured skull as an ashtray.

According to reports, the accused had cut the body into pieces and kept it in a plastic bag.

According to local media, 2 days after killing his wife, the accused first confessed his crime by talking to his stepson.

According to foreign media, the victim’s family has accused the accused of torturing and harassing her daughter, while the police have also found items used in witchcraft at the house during the investigation.

According to foreign media, the marriage of the accused and the 38-year-old woman was less than a year, while the woman already has 5 daughters.

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