Thursday, September 21, 2023

Mission failed, Pakistani astronaut sent to the moon misses the way and reaches ‘hell’

Astronauts had to return to Earth to inquire about the correct path to the Moon.

The government of Pakistan could not compete with India in the space race, but the people did not lose heart and sent their astronauts to the moon. But due to inexperience, there was such a mess that astronaut Chan instead ended up in ‘hell’ and had to come back to earth to ask for directions.

The video of this “Moon Mission” of Pakistan is going viral on social media, which will make you shake your head.

The video shows three people sitting in a mission control room, preparing to send a man to the moon by rocket.

The countdown begins and the rocket is launched towards the moon.

A blue construction safety helmet-clad astronaut in a shalwar kameez clings to the rocket instead of being inside it.

The three men in the control room begin monitoring the mission.

As the rocket reaches space, it breaks free from the astronaut’s grip, which freaks him out.

On which one of the men sitting in the mission control comforts him and says, “No problem, you have got the Shakti (strength) to reach there.” You can.’

The astronaut then says, ‘Yes, the power is coming into me.’

A person says that if the mission fails, what will happen to Naseem? So the other says no no… I have put such technology in it that it will definitely reach the moon.

And the astronaut lands, but he sees darkness there, which he says is all black here.

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Then one says that the people of India thought that we will not be able to reach the moon but we will show it when we reach there.

Then one says, Hey, you have reached Narakh (hell).

The astronaut then returns to Earth, asks for the correct route to the Moon, and then returns.

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