Saturday, September 30, 2023

Mons Elahi involved in corruption, money laundering, misused father’s position, NAB report

The NAB inquiry report against Mons Elahi has come to light

The NAB inquiry report against Parvez Elahi and Mons Elahi in the case of kickbacks and scams against government contracts has come to light.

According to the investigation report of NAB, Mons Elahi has been found involved in corruption and money laundering and Mons Elahi’s assets increased as soon as Wiz Elahi became the Chief Minister. Reports

According to the report, Monis Elahi took kickbacks through his frontmen Azmat Hayat and Sohail Asghar in the form of contracts. He deposited huge domestic and foreign money in his bank accounts from July 2022.

The NAB investigation report further states that after July 2022, Mons Elahi purchased more than 384 kanals of land for Rs 72 million, which was apparently made with kickbacks and bribe money.

It is further said that Monis Elahi misused his father’s position as Chief Minister and received bribes by awarding contracts to favored contractors in Gujarat.

It has been stated in the report that Munis Elahi has been found involved in corruption and corrupt practices and money laundering.

It should be noted that Parvez Elahi is in the custody of NAB in the case of kickbacks in government contracts.

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