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NAB’s joint investigation team questioned Imran Khan

NAB’s joint investigation team questioned Imran Khan

The Combined Investigation Team ( of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has completed its interrogation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan in connection with the investigation of the 190 million pound scam.

In the £190 million British Crime Agency investigation case, Imran Khan appeared at the NAB Rawalpindi office, where he was formally interrogated.

Imran Khan appeared before the Combined Investigation Team of NAB for more than an hour.

According to sources, the NAB team asked Imran Khan to answer 20 questions related to the case.

The source has said that NAB asked Imran Khan about the records of his correspondence with the British Crime Agency.

Sources have said that NAB also asked Imran Khan for records of freezing orders worth 190 million pounds.

Imran Khan said that the record of the decision related to 190 million pounds is with the cabinet division, I do not have access to the record of NCA UK, the record of Al-Qadir Trust has already been received by NAB.

NAB officials asked Imran Khan whether he himself had read the summary approved by the federal cabinet, to which Imran Khan replied that I had not read that summary in detail myself, Shahzad Akbar had briefed me orally in this regard. On the instructions of Shahzad Akbar, I approved the summary, I was told that if the cabinet did not approve, we will file a case in London court, we were told that if we file a case, we will have to pay crores of rupees.

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On the occasion of Imran Khan’s appearance, his wife Bushra Bibi was present in the car outside the NAB Rawalpindi office.

Earlier, before leaving NAB Rawalpindi office, Imran Khan’s car stopped at Judicial Complex Islamabad, after which another car was ordered.

After which Imran Khan left the judicial complex in another vehicle and reached NAB Rawalpindi office.

On this occasion, DIG Operations Shahzad Anjum himself also reached NAB Rawalpindi office.

On the occasion of Imran Khan’s appearance at the NAB Rawalpindi office, security is on high alert, police, Rangers, FC and Elite Force troops are stationed at the main gate, while outside the NAB office, an armored and prisoner van has also been delivered. Gone.

It should be remembered that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has summoned Imran Khan again today in the scandal of the Al-Qadir Trust investigation case (190 million pounds), he was directed to appear at the NAB Rawalpindi at 10 am.

It should be noted that Imran Khan was summoned by NAB Rawalpindi on May 16 by sending a notice of appearance on May 18, but Chairman PTI did not appear and said in a written reply that NAB law is in conflict with the constitution.

He called the allegations made in the notice as baseless and fabricated and asked for an inquiry report from NAB.

It should be remembered that Imran Khan has expressed his fear of possible arrest during his appearance in NAB Rawalpindi today.

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