Tuesday, September 26, 2023

No accused of Jardanwala incident will be pardoned, IG Punjab

Raids are going on to arrest the accused, IG Punjab

IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar says that no accused of Jardanwala tragedy will be pardoned, raids are going on to arrest the accused.

IG Punjab Usman Anwar says that none of the accused of Jardanwala tragedy will be pardoned.

100 people arrested after churches and houses were set on fire in Jaranwala

IG Punjab says that more than 6500 personnel are currently deployed to maintain law and order in Jaranwala, while the restoration of churches will be started very soon.

19 churches were burnt in the violent incidents of Jardanwala
In the investigation report of the incidents of arson in Jaranwala, it was stated that 19 churches were burnt in the incidents of arson. And 86 houses were vandalized and burnt in the protests.

The report stated that 2 churches and 29 houses were gutted and burnt in Christian Colony, 3 churches were burnt in Isa Nagri, 40 houses were damaged, 2 churches were burnt in Chak 240 GB, 12 houses were damaged in Chak 238. 2 churches were burnt in Gab, 5 houses were set on fire, 4 churches were burnt in Mohalla Farooq Park and 2 churches in Maharanwala in Chak 126 Gab.

Police have registered 2 separate cases
City police have registered 2 separate cases on the alleged incident of blasphemy, in the cases 42 named and 600 unknown accused have been named including the peace committee, while in the case, apart from the provisions of sedition, terrorism and damage to property. Provisions for arson and vandalism are also included.

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Jardanwala tragedy case: 116 accused handed over to police on 5-day physical remand

Sources say that the police have arrested dozens of people and transferred them to other cities, and a heavy police presence including Rangers has been deployed across the city.

According to sources, lists have been prepared after identifying the mischief-makers, and the police have started arresting those who caused mischief, chaos and vandalism during the protests yesterday.

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