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Not one person but 3 to 4 people are involved in the bill issue, journalist Hamid Mir’s analysis

All involved in the case are not civilians, the president will have to present all the evidence, Hamid Mir

Well-known journalist and senior anchor person Hamid Mir while analyzing the statement of President Arif Alvi said that not one person but 3 to 4 people are involved in the issue of the bill, and not all of them are civilians. It is a very sensitive matter, President. Must provide evidence.

On President Arif’s refusal to sign the Official Secrets Act and the Army Amendment Bill, senior journalist Hamid Mir while speaking on private TV channel Geo said that the matter is not so simple that the President made a statement and that’s it, in the matter. President Arif Alvi will have to present all the evidence.

Hamid Mir said that the President of Pakistan will have to prove with evidence that he is speaking the truth, otherwise Pakistan will become a joke in the whole world that what kind of state is there whose head is raising objection to the bill which He himself is the head.

The senior journalist revealed that 3 to 4 people are involved in the bill issue, and not all of them are civilians, which shows the sensitivity of the issue.

Hamid Mir revealed that the sources close to the President have said that when the news came on TV that the President had signed the bills, Arif Alvi got upset, to which his staff said that this news is not true, the bill is back. were sent.

Hamid Mir also said that the President intends to go to court against his staff over the matter, and that he has consulted a well-known legal expert and lawyer.

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The senior journalist said that if any bill is passed into law without his signature, legal action should be taken against those responsible because it is an insult to the state, the constitution and the parliament, however, the position of the president has come out now when the staff The position will be clear if the position is revealed.

I did not sign the bills
Earlier in his tweet, President of Pakistan Arif Alvi said that I did not sign the Official Secrets Amendment Bill and the Pakistan Army Amendment Bill, I disagree with these laws, and I asked my staff to send these bills back. was, and asked them to return the unsigned bills within the stipulated time to render them ineffective, but the staff deviated from my wish and ignored the order.

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