Saturday, September 30, 2023

One million people evacuated due to water being released from India

113 under several safety breaks, ground contact of different areas also disconnected

About one lakh people have been evacuated in Punjab due to the flood situation due to the release of water by India.

According to foreign media, several villages and thousands of acres of land have come down due to high water level in the Sutlej River on Sunday.

Rescue teams have been walking around the village for several days, rescueing people, who are forced to stay on the roofs of their homes as the water level around them has risen.

AFP News Agency, 29 -year -old Kashif Mahmood, who is in a relief camp with his wife and three children, said that a few days ago, flood water came and all our houses came under control, we made all the routes a lot of difficulty. Traveled with

On the other hand, 113 villages and populations came under control due to the breakdown of water levels in the Burewala River Sutlej. Due to the flow of the roads, ground contact with different areas was also disconnected.

The administration’s arrangements are underway in the wake of a possible flood in the Sutlej River in Jalalpur Pirwala. Vaccination for animals is also being done by the Livestock Department.

Rescue activities are underway in the lowly areas of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Bahawalnagar, free medical campuses and rescue operations are being conducted by the Pak Army for flood victims.

Pakpattan also has a free medical camp for the flood -hit population, medical camps include qualified doctors, nursing assistants and other medical staff.

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A large number of victims are being provided medical help on the medical campus and free rations are also being distributed among the flood victims.

Flood victims were shifted to safe places in Melissa, Chishtian, Manchanabad and Head Suleimanki, locals thanked the Pak Army for providing medical aid and medicines.

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