Thursday, September 21, 2023

Order of Lahore High Court to submit service structure of daily wages employees to court

The court also summoned the Secretary Services Punjab in a personal capacity

The Lahore High Court ordered the Secretary Services and General Administration to submit the service structure of daily wages employees to the court.

Chief Justice Lahore High Court Amir Bhatti heard the contempt of court petition of Aslam, a permanent employee of Daily Wages.

According to the court order, Secretary Communication and Works and Additional Secretary Finance appeared before the court.

The petitioner’s counsel argued that despite making the daily wages employees permanent, they are being paid less than the labor wages, unlike other government employees, they are also facing cuts in salaries, graduation, insurance and other benefits are also not being given. .

Expressing indignation at not creating a service structure for daily wages employees, the court remarked that daily wages employees also have rights, how can they be discriminated against? Be a giver, not a taker.

The Secretary Communication and Works said that there is a policy for the benefits of permanent daily wages employees, creating a service structure is the authority of the Secretary Services, we are bound to implement it.

The court ordered to prepare and present the service structure of daily wages employees on the next hearing and also summoned the Secretary Services Punjab in a personal capacity.

Lahore High Court’s legislative order to install body cameras
On the other hand, the Lahore High Court has ordered legislation to install body cameras for the police officers who read the petition against taking buffaloes and gold ornaments of citizens during police raids.

Justice Raheel Kamran Sheikh of Lahore High Court heard the request of Muhammad Imran, a citizen of Okara.

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The court remarked that why police raids should not be declared illegal until police officers are given body cameras, the police cannot be left in the open, the fundamental rights of citizens cannot be handed over to the police, how can the police Can raid houses without legal justification.

Advocate General Punjab said that IT has moved towards policing, complete cameras have been installed in lock-ups, a pilot project is being launched to provide body cameras to traffic wardens.

The court adjourned the hearing till August 21 by summoning Advocate General Punjab and IG in personal capacity.

In his petition, Mohammad Imran, a resident of Wahari, has challenged police raids, taking away buffaloes and gold ornaments.

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