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Parvez Elahi sent to jail on 14-day judicial remand

Request for physical remand rejected, Parvez Elahi sent to jail on 14-day judicial remand

Lahore: ( The Judicial Magistrate rejected the request for physical remand and directed to send Chaudhry Parvez Elahi to jail on 14-day judicial remand.

The case of illegal recruitment in the Punjab Assembly against the former Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi was heard, the hearing was conducted by the Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Vark, during the hearing anti-corruption requested a 14-day physical remand of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi.

Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Wark rejected the request for physical remand made by anti-corruption and sent Chaudhry Parvez Elahi to jail on 14-day judicial remand.

Earlier, in the case of illegal recruitment in the Punjab Assembly, Tehreek-e-Insaf President Chaudhry Pervez Elahi was presented in the Lahore court on behalf of anti-corruption. given.

Anti-corruption took a stand regarding the fact that Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Work has a page on Twitter and Facebook, the session judge should choose another judge for this case.

Fazil Judge said that you people filed an application against me, I don’t have any Facebook account, I don’t have any social media account, yesterday you went to Gujranwala and I was sitting there, you have no objection to hearing my case. You should go to the Sessions Judge.

Parvaiz Elahi’s lawyer Rana Intar said in his arguments that the copy of the FIR was not given to us, it was objected to hear your case, after which the court adjourned the hearing for some time.

When the hearing started after a break, Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza Wark remarked that I am the same judge who remanded the PTI workers, my position does not allow me to speak, it is not right if I talk about your support. If I do, it is wrong.

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The judicial magistrate further said that for your reminder, I am the same judge who remanded Muhammad Khan Bhatti, there is an objection to hearing the case today, if you don’t like my decision, you can challenge it.

During the hearing, the investigating officer told the court that there is evidence against Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, remand is required for investigation.

Pervez Elahi’s lawyer Rana Intizar said that this is the seventh FIR filed against Pervez Elahi. It is alleged that ineligible candidates were recruited while presiding over a meeting. It is not the authority of anti-corruption that he is the Chief Minister. Take any action against, no work has been done on behalf of anti-corruption as per the law, the Chief Minister has all kinds of authority to recruit anyone.

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The anti-corruption lawyer said in his arguments that the one who was poor and got 60 marks failed and the one who got 8 marks passed, all these evidences are on record, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi should be given physical remand for 14 days.

Pervez Elahi’s lawyer said that there is no charge against Chaudhry Pervez Elahi except for tampering with the results, the Speaker has full authority to appoint anyone, OTS is still working on that. The question cannot be raised, OTS conducted the exam, people went there and gave the exam.

Lawyer Rana Intizar has said that after the results of the examination, they were sent to the Secretary Punjab Assembly, interviews were conducted according to merit and those who passed were given joining letters, those who were appointed are still working. If there was any problem, they would have been stopped from working. All the records have been sent to the court by Anti-Corruption.

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Pervez Elahi’s lawyer said that physical remand is being sought for the recovery of which records, if any changes were made, they should have been presented in the court, only computer typed documents were presented in the court, no evidence. Not presented, Parvez Elahi should be discharged from the case, the court reserved its verdict after hearing the arguments of both.

It should be noted that former Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi was arrested in the third case from Gujranwala yesterday after being released from the court in two cases.

The Gujranwala court had ordered the acquittal of PTI president Chaudhry Pervez Elahi in two cases due to lack of evidence, but the anti-corruption authorities had transferred Pervez Elahi to an unknown location before the court verdict.

Regarding the arrest for the third time, anti-corruption officials said that the former Chief Minister of Punjab has been arrested in a case of fake recruitment, this case is registered in Lahore. have done.

Spokesman Anti-corruption has said that the services of fake testing services were taken for scams in the recruitment process, fake recruitments in the Punjab Assembly have been proved in the inquiry, there are clear evidences of corruption in the recruitments, Anti-Corruption Lahore has appointed grade 17 in the Punjab Assembly. Parvez Elahi has been arrested in the case of 12 fake recruitments.

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