Friday, September 29, 2023

Preparations for transfers and appointments at the highest level in the Ministry of External Affairs

Official notification of transfers and appointments also issued

Exchanges and appointments were made at the highest level in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after the return of ambassadors posted in several countries, a plan was prepared for appointments in the Foreign Office.

Official notification of transfers and appointments was also issued according to which Rahim Hayat Qureshi Additional Secretary Afghanistan, West Asia, Imran Ahmad Siddiqui Additional Secretary for Asia Pacific, Maryam Aftab Additional Secretary for America, Muhammad Saleem has been appointed Additional Secretary Administration.

According to the notification, Shafqat Ali Khan has been appointed as Additional Secretary Europe, Imran Haider as Director General (Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey), KK Ahsan Wagan as Director General Consular Affairs, Muhammad Ayub as Director General for Europe, Muhammad Amir Khan as Director General for China.

Jawad Ali Director General UN, Ali Ansar Zaidi Director General Policy, Irfan Shaukat has been appointed Director General Central Asia.

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