Friday, September 29, 2023

“Private school cannot oblige to buy books, copies or stationery from its institution”

School management is creating problems by selling expensive courses, parents

The Directorate of Private Institutions has said that no private school can compel parents to buy books, copies or stationery from their institution.

Additional Director Rafia Malah Javed told Aaj News over the phone that many times notifications have been issued in this regard, that the school administration cannot force the parents, and action will be taken against the school that does not follow the official orders.

He further said that strict action will be taken against the concerned school if a complaint is received from the parents.

It should be noted that due to the arbitrariness of private schools in Karachi, students and parents are worried, parents complain that they are forced to buy books, copies and stationery from the school.

Parents and students say that inflation has broken the back, but the school administration is creating more difficulties by offering expensive courses.

Parents have also demanded action from the education department on the arbitrariness of private schools.

On this issue, the representative organizations of private schools have adopted a position that the situation has changed, parents can buy books as they wish.

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