PSL Tickets

PSL Season and the PSL excitement

Sports have been a great enjoyment in the cultural and recreational history of Pakistan. The youth of nation gets very excited with the idea of the organization of sports at regional and national as well as international level. Not only youth but people of all ages are interested in playing as well as viewing the games as audience. The joy of looking the matches gets its best satisfaction when the audience gets the chance to have a view of match in the live session.

PSL had provided a great opportunity to the public of Pakistan to enjoy the live cricket matches in the stadium or at home in the live sessions of TV channels. Each organization of the PSL tournament announces a wave of excitement in the masses. People wait for the time of the PSL match with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Ratio of PSL lovers and current economic crises of the country

Unfortunately the country is not in very good circumstances due to the economic outbreak and raise of unexpected and uncontrolled inflation but still there are a lot of people who are so much in love with the cricket and have a sense of belonging to the players that nothing is powerful enough to stop them from viewing the matches in the stadium with paid amount of fee. 

According to an online survey, 35% of the total population of Pakistan are enthusiastic to watch the match in stadium and 85% of the 35% belongs to teenagers and youth.  

There is always a way, where there is a will

It is an amazing fact that people of Pakistan are enjoying the available recreational activities and pleasures with great excitement and although a great portion of youth is unemployed and is badly in the shackles of poverty still they have time, energy and money to invest on themselves so they may seek the pleasure as audience of the great game because after wherever there is a will, there is always a way

PSL Schedule and PSL Tickets

PSL matches are scheduled in Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Peshawar and the tickets can be bought for watching the match in the cricket stadiums of the mentioned cities. The tickets price vary from the match to match and the place of sitting in the pavilion. Following matches have been scheduled with the variation of price offered through the ticket.

  1. Karachi Kings VS Lahore Qalandar 
  2. Islamabad VS Peshawar Zalmi 
  3. Quetta Gladiators VS Multan Sultan 

Prices of the PSL Tickets 2023

As it had been mentioned that there is not a fix price for the tickets of PSL matches. The prices of the tickets vary from match to match, anyhow a brief description of the prices in a rough estimated way are mentioned below;

  1. Generally the price of a PSL ticket is  around Rs. 1000-/
  2. First class and VIP reservations may charge Rs. 4000-/
  3. Premium Tickets are charged with the amount of Rs. 8000-/

A rough sketch of the scheduled rates at National Stadium Karachi in the form of table is given below:

First Class900-2000

How to book the tickets?

The tickets of the matches can be reserved online or through the retailer shops.

Online booking

The easiest and most convenient way of booking the tickets is through online booking. For which you have to select the match and the available seats adjusting to your budget and then making your choice verified through receiving a confirmation message.

Retailer shops

Tickets can also be bought from the retailer shops that are available in all the Districts and are open for public purchase at the shops.

Payment methods in booking the tickets

The payment can be through credit card, online transfer of fund or jazz cash. Similarly another way of getting the ticket is to have it delivered at your doorstep and then pay for it in the form of cash on delivery.

Variations in the prices of tickets

There is a great variation in the prices of tickets. The prices of tickets vary from the final match ticket to opening ceremony ticket amount. For each entry a different schedule has been arranged and is available on the official website of PSL.

Requirements for buying the tickets

For buying the PSL tickets the following requirements are essential to be made:

  1.  The person must have his National identity card issued from NADRA office.
  2. In case of the age below 18 years B-form can be attached at the place of identity card.
  3. Payment must be through transparent channel.
  4. Person buying the ticket must have a clear background in the court of law.
  5. Person’s personal data like identity card and address should be vividly mentioned

Sops for the purchase of tickets (Terms and conditions)

PSL tickets are sold and purchased with the following terms and conditions;

  1. One person can buy only 5 tickets on the registration of his CNIC.
  2. CNIIC details are needed at the time of delivery of the ticket at doorstep.
  3. The tickets are not refundable.

Queries about PSL tickets 

General queries in the form of frequently asked questions are given below;

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the minimum cost of a PSL ticket?

Minimum cost may be around Rs. 600-/

  1. How to book an online ticket?

Ticket can be booked on the website through online payment or cash on delivery.

  1. Is PSL free on Daraz?

PSL matches are showm live on Daraz without charges.


This can be concluded that PSL matches are a great fun and their tickets are pocket friendly and easy to be purchased.