Sunday, December 3, 2023

PTI expelled 8 more MLAs from the party

Instructions to all leaders to refrain from using party name and title
LAHORE: PTI expelled 8 members of the Sindh Assembly from the party for violating party discipline and voting for the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly.

For voting for the opposition leader, Bilal Ahmed, Karim Bakhsh Gabol along with Muhammad Ali Aziz, Umar Amari, Rabia Azfar were dismissed from the party.

Apart from them, the 8 members of the Sindh Assembly, including Sachinand Lakhwani Sachal, Syed Imran Ali Shah and Sanjay Gangwani, have been expelled from the party.

It should be noted that show-cause notices were issued to the members of the Assembly earlier, however, the primary membership was terminated for not giving a satisfactory response within the stipulated period.

The dismissal notices signed by General Secretary PTI Umar Ayub were issued while all the leaders were instructed to refrain from using the party’s name and title.

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