Sunday, December 3, 2023

PTI reacts to ISPR statement against Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD – Former Prime Minister ( Imran Khan, after coming under gun attack during one of his rallies, continues to make searing speeches, in which he has accused senior intelligence officials of colluding with his political opponents to kill him.

PTI chief’s latest remarks came while he addressed a rally in the provincial capital from his vehicle last week, where he singled out a serving major-general of the Pakistan Army claiming that the officer wanted him dead.

A day later, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) responded and warned the defiant leader against levelling highly irresponsible and baseless allegations without any evidence.

Now, leaders of the former ruling party have responded to the statement of the military’s media wing. Former minister and Imran’s close aide Fawad Chaudhry said if Imran Khan believes any officer is involved in the assassination attempt, then transparent probe must be started to debunk the claims.

The outspoken politician said the way ISPR issued the press release was not appropriate, and mentioned that his party chief tried to lodge an FIR, but it didn’t happen.

Asad Umar also responded to ISPR’s statement, saying he agrees with the army’s media wing that a legal recourse should be taken to resolve the allegations, and maintained that Imran tried to do that by filing an FIR and approaching the Supreme Court.

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The former finance minister said that the institution supporting that legal recourse would be a very encouraging step forward.

Hammad Azhar comes down hard on the country’s powerful quarter, saying “there are no sacred cows in the realm of law & justice. In the past 12 months, citizens have been abducted, tortured, blackmailed & shot at. The victims have been unable to lodge FIRs nominating their accused”.

He added that the whole country is now seeking answers.

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