Thursday, September 28, 2023

Riot near Attock Jail, Policeman arrested for letting PTI worker escape

The arrested PTI activist Yawar Bukhari was wanted by the police earlier

Khawar Bukhari, a PTI worker who rioted on the District Jail Relophatik picket, was arrested by the police, while the policeman who helped him escape was also arrested.

According to police officials, there was a ruckus by PTI workers at the railway gate picket of the District Jail in Attock, and a stampede broke out when the police arrived.

A policeman put the masked PTI activist on a motorcycle and fled the scene, officials said.

According to officials, the police arrested the official and the PTI activist who had escaped through the blockade. The masked activist turned out to be Khawar Bukhari, the brother of MPA Yawar Bukhari, who was already wanted by the police at 3MPO.

According to the police, Khawar Bukhari has been transferred to Attock Jail after his arrest, while a case has also been registered against police officer Najam Hussain.

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