Monday, September 25, 2023

Rizwana has heart and lung problems, Professor Al Farid Zafar

If the infection in Rizwana’s body is controlled, then the arm surgery will be done, Principal PGMI

Rizwana, who was severely injured due to the alleged torture of the civil judge’s wife, is undergoing treatment at the Lahore General Hospital for nine days. Professor Al Farid Zafar says that Rizwana has problems with her lungs and heart, she has done bronchoscopy twice and cannot do it anymore.

According to Al Farid Zafar, Principal of Government Ameeruddin Medical College (PGMI) attached to the General Hospital, Rizwana’s lung infection is causing breathing problems.

He said that due to the infection in the blood, the organs of the body were affected, after the infection is controlled, the right arm will be operated.

Professor Alfred said that Rizwana has 2 fractures in her arms, the right arm will undergo surgery. If the infection in the body is controlled, then the surgery will be done.

Regarding the injuries of the girl, Professor Farid Al-Zafar said that Rizwana did not receive medical care, due to which the worms appeared, the bandage was being changed two to three times a day.

Principal PGMI said that Rizwana is asking for food by herself and her mental condition is also good for two days, Rizwana said last night I have to go home.

Professor Farid Al Zafar said that Rizwana is also being given blood. If the condition remains good for 3-4 days, it will enter the recovery phase.

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