Thursday, September 21, 2023

Stock markets hit record highs, dollar cheap

Pakistan Stock Exchange’s 100 index reached its highest level as soon as Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced the good news of Saudi Arabia depositing 2 billion dollars in the State Bank.

Pakistan Stock Exchange 100 index has increased by 658 points to 45 thousand 243.

Yesterday, the 100 index closed at 44,585 points.

The dollar started getting cheaper in interbank

The US dollar rose in early inter-bank trading today and has since eased.

The dollar became Rs 278 50 paisa after getting cheaper by 1 rupee 30 paisa in interbank.

Yesterday, the dollar closed at 279 rupees 80 paise in the interbank.

On the other hand, the dollar remains at 283 rupees in the open market.

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