Thursday, September 28, 2023

Tabish Hashmi announced to join politics

Tabish Hashmi announced to join politics
I consider myself the greatest leader myself, Tabish Hashmi

Pakistani comedian ( and host Tabish Hashmi announced his entry into politics and also told the story of his failed love.

Recently Tabish Hashmi said during an interview that I have to do politics and I will do it because I want to die doing something.

He said that I will form my independent party because I consider myself the greatest leader.

He said that I will do what can be better in five years not to make false promises.

While talking about his first love during the interview, he told a funny story that he had a girlfriend who was very intelligent and wanted to impress her, so he googled the lyrics of an English song and sent it to one of his girlfriends. Showed that he thought it was his poetry.

He said that the girl was very impressed at first, but later she heard the song being sung on the American Idol show and found out that it was someone else’s lyrics, after which she left them.

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