Thursday, September 21, 2023

The agreement on the name of Jalil Abbas Jilani for caretaker prime minister reached the Prime Minister House

Abdul Basit congratulated his colleague.

Former Pakistani diplomat Abdul Basit has claimed that Ambassador (retd) Jalil Abbas Jilani has been nominated as the Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He also congratulated Ambassador (retd) Jalil Abbas Jilani on becoming the Caretaker Prime Minister.

Sources say that Jalil Abbas Jilani is a strong candidate for the Caretaker Prime Minister and he has also reached the Prime Minister House.

Abdul Basit, who himself has been an ambassador during his long career, said it was a proud moment for Pakistan’s foreign service.

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However, this claim could not be confirmed by official sources.

Caretaker Prime Minister will be appointed by the President in consultation with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Leader of Opposition Raja Riaz. The meeting between Prime Minister and Raja Riaz is scheduled today.

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Jalil Abbas Jilani served as Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary after serving as Pakistan’s ambassador to several countries including the United States.

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He is a Law graduate from Oxford University and holds an M.Sc in Defense and Strategic Studies.

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After retirement, he also worked at the Pakistan Air Force think tank Center for Aerospace and Security Studies.

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