Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Anti -Terrorism Court gives 3 -day physical remand of Faith Mazari

Faith Mazari’s voice is to be matching and photographed test, prosecutors

A three -day physical remand of Faith Mazari arrested in a case of inciting terrorism and rebellion was approved.

Iman Mazari, the daughter of former federal minister Sherry Mazari, was presented to the Judicial Complex in Islamabad, where the Anti -Terrorism Court Judge Abul Hasanat heard the case.

The prosecutor appealed to the physical remand of Faith Mazed, saying that the accused has to be voice matching, photographer to conduct a test, tomorrow we have to bring it to the court in the trial, this is the first remand to approve the court remand. We have to make an investigation.

Faith Mazari’s lawyer raised the question that the question is why no evidence has been brought against Faith Mazari yet. Why hasn’t the photographer test or voice matching test yet?

Lawyer Iman Mazari took the stand that Faith Mazari’s speech is on social media, laptop mobile is also with the police, what will be found in keeping Faith Mazari in custody?

The court reserved the verdict on the physical remand of Faith Mazari after hearing the arguments

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