Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Chinese government has adopted a new way to encourage the people to have children

Government disturbed China’s declining population

In China’s historic city of Xiyan, the Family Planning Agency has adopted a new way to encourage the public to have children under a new move to increase the country’s dangerously low birth rate.

Authorities are sending text messages to the public on mobile phones, which shows ‘fertility’ with ‘love, marriage and childbirth’.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the message was reported on local Chinese media, including China News Week’s official “Webu”.

These messages are likely to be released on the occasion of the festival “Chi Shi” celebrated on August 22, also known as Valentine’s Day in China.

“Continue China’s generation and share the important work of youth.”

It added that marriage and child should be in “right age”.

This message comes at a time when the Chinese government is trying to encourage young couples to have children, as a large number of women are choosing not to have children.

Many women refer to the cost of raising children, difficulty in continuing their career, gender discrimination, and the desire to not marry as important factors.

In China, it is almost impossible for a single or unmarried women to have children without marriage.

But in the southwest of the country, some provinces like Sachwan have begun rejecting the rules last year to increase the level of fertility.

China’s population has recorded a decline for the first time in six decades.

Concerned about its rapidly declining population, political advisers of the government suggested in March that single and unmarried women have to freeze eggs in addition to other services and access to these vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Should.

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