Saturday, September 30, 2023

The decision of Rizwana’s head surgery could not be made yet

Flap surgery will be decided based on the condition of the wound

Rizwana, a domestic worker who was tortured by the wife of a civil judge in Sargodha, is undergoing treatment at the Lahore General Hospital for the past 29 days. Rizwana’s minor injuries are being dressed again today.

Prof. Judet Saleem, head of the medical board formed for the treatment of Rizwana, told correspondent Aaj News that the minor injuries of Rizwana are being redressed today. The girl’s head injuries are deep.

The head of the medical board said that skin grafting has been done on Rizwana’s face and back wounds, but the decision of the girl’s sarcophagus flap surgery will be made after seeing the condition of the wound.

According to Professor Jodat Saleem, Rizwana will undergo reconstructive plastic surgery.

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