Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The dollar became cheaper against the rupee

Yesterday, the price of the dollar was recorded at 299 rupees 89 paise in the interbank

KARACHI: The value of the dollar has further decreased in the domestic exchange markets.

At the beginning of the third day of the business week, one rupee became cheaper by 38 paise, and the buying and selling of dollar in the inter-bank continues at 298 rupees 50 paise.

It should be noted that the price of the dollar was recorded at 299 rupees 89 paisa after a decrease of 1 rupee 27 paisa in the domestic exchange market yesterday.

On the other hand, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continues to see an upward trend in business.

The dollar fell below Rs 300 in the interbank and open market after 20 days

Gold that used to be cheap suddenly became expensive by thousands of rupees

Pakistanis reduced sending dollars from abroad

The PSX 100 index rose 142 points to 45,651 after closing at 45,508 yesterday.

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