Saturday, June 3, 2023

The image of the Pentagon that shook the US stock exchange

The image of the Pentagon that shook the US stock exchange

The viral photo ( of an explosion near the Pentagon building, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, killed the US stock market, trading was negative for 10 minutes, but the reality of this photo turned out to be something else.

After this photo, reported by many accounts on social media, went viral, the Pentagon also had to issue an official denial regarding its authenticity, clarifying that there was no explosion in our vicinity.

According to the spokesperson of the US Department of Defense, “We can confirm that this is false news, there was no attack on the Pentagon today”.

The police and fire departments of Arlington, Texas, have also denied any explosion at the Pentagon or nearby.

According to Agence France-Presse, the problems arising from modern technology such as artificial intelligence have once again come under discussion from this picture, which is considered the result of creative artificial intelligence by many observers.

AFP’s investigation has revealed that the first tweet sharing the image was from the promotional account of ‘QAnon’, from which misleading information was shared.

The fake image of the explosion at the Pentagon sent the stock market tumbling for a few minutes, with the S&P 500 index losing a quarter of a percent from Friday’s close.

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After this picture, other similar fake pictures also came out. In one photo, police officers were shown arresting former US President Donald Trump, while in another photo, Pope Francis was shown wearing a white coat.

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