Saturday, September 30, 2023

‘The lace will not be cut, work will be completed too’, Mayor Karachi

Murtaza Wahab inaugurated the Gulistan -e -Jauhar Underbedi Pass

Karachi construction and development is also underway, Mayor Karachi – Photo/ Social Media
Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab has inaugurated the underpasses built in Gulistan -e -Johar.

Talking to the media, Murtaza Wahab said, “We are fulfilling our promises, this is underpassed 1100 meters and 19 meters wide, which has been fulfilled in a period of four and a half months.”

He said that citizens going to Gulistan -e -Johar and Shari Faisal will be facilitated and many projects are being completed in the next 7 months. Only lace will not be cut, work will be completed.

Mayor Karachi said that the PPP fulfills its promises, we are fulfilling the promises made to the people, work on the Red Line is underway, Karachi’s construction and development is also underway.

He added that our work will continue in the caretaker government. We are resolving the problems of the people of Karachi, we will not be forbidden.

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