Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The marriage of 110-year-old Abdul Hanan and 55-year-old Dilbar broke up after a few days

The couple’s wedding was a blast on social media

The marriage between 110-year-old Abdul Hanan and 55-year-old Dilbar in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was much hyped, but it was separated after 4 days.

Abdul Hanan Swati, a resident of Granthali Bhograming, had married 55-year-old Dilbar Bibi for the fourth time a few days ago. The couple got married in a local mosque with a dowry of Rs 5,000.

Regarding their marriage, it was reported that the couple had celebrated Walima in a grand manner which was also attended by relatives.

The story took a new turn when a private media report claimed that four days after the wedding, Dilbar’s son took her away and the family members also alleged that it was a fake marriage.

According to the media report, the nephew of the woman, Abdullah, has filed an application in the Shankyari police station, in which it has been argued that aunt Dilbar Jan is mentally ill, the evidence of which is also available.

Petitioner Abdullah says that the marriage of Abdul Hanan and Dilbar Bibi was forged. The police said that the related case is a case of eviction which can be done only by the court.

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