Thursday, September 21, 2023

The names mentioned by Ranasana for caretaker prime minister were not included in the committee’s decision.

Rana Sana knows better than me, he would know better who is coming, Khursheed Shah

Leader of PPP Khurshid Shah says that the two names that Rana Sanaullah has taken for caretaker prime minister, these two names were not included in the committee’s decision.

While talking to journalists in Sukkur, Rana Sana, who expressed regret over the Pazara Express accident, said that our railway tracks are very old. The track from Ranipur to Jang Shahi needs to be repaired.

On the question regarding caretaker prime minister, Khurshid Shah said that the two names taken by Rana Sana were not included in the committee’s decision. However, he added, “Rana Sana knows better than me. He will know who is coming”.

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It should be noted that Rana Sana, who participated in the Geonews program last night on August 6, said that the names being shortlisted for caretaker prime minister include former finance minister Hafeez Sheikh and a retired judge of the Supreme Court.

Among the shortlisted names for the Prime Minister are former Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh and a retired Supreme Court judge.

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Speaking in this regard, Khurshid Shah said that we have dug out 5 names of the Prime Minister who did not appear on TV.

He said that we pray that the elections will be held by November, it will take three to four months for the constituencies.

Commenting on the arrest of chairman PTI in the Tosha Khana criminal case, Khurshid Shah said that the arrest of Imran Khan is a matter of judiciary. Next is the High Court, the Supreme Court.

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He further said that the court killed Bhutto, punished Nawaz Sharif, the courts are 80% responsible for what is happening in the country today.

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