Thursday, September 28, 2023

The names of 67 officials for various sports have been finalized for the Asian Games

The names of 67 officials of various sports have also been finalized for the 19th Asian Games to be held in China this year.

According to sources, the officials of their federations will go to Hangzhou as team officials in several sports.

According to the final list received by Geo News, the squad of national players will now be 213 athletes, 5 players have been dropped from the first list.

According to the final list, Rowing’s Babar and Adil, shooter Farrukh Nadeem, Taekwondo’s Mazhar and Naqsh Hamdani are out of the final list to go to China with the national team.

According to the list of various sports, Shahid Aslam, Umar Rasheed, Hanif Malik and Hafiz Naeem Rasool are included in the management for men’s cricket, while for women’s cricket, Mehtasim Rasheed, Saleem Jafar Rafat Gul, Tawfiq Umar and Ayesha Ashar are included in the management.

In athletics, Sadaf Siddiqui, Fayyaz Bukhari, Sajjad Mehmood and Muhammad Sajid are among the team officials while the 17-member squad of Burj will have 12 players along with 5 team officials.

According to sources, Mehmood Riaz and Arshad Hussain will be the team officials in boxing, while former player Zarina Waqar will be the team official in badminton.

In addition to coach Ahmed Safi, the Karate team also includes two officials of the Karate Federation, Andalib Sindhu and Mohammad Jahangir as team officials.

Vishwa Federation chief Malik Iftikhar Ahmed Awan is also part of the official squad in his sport while Swimming Federation official Ahmed Ali Khan is part of the team official squad. Uzma Prieto will also be the swimming official while Pakistan Rowing Federation official Rizwanul Haq Razi is also included in the list of officials.

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Apart from this, Faheem Gul will travel as a coach with the squash team, Yasef Karimi of Iran and Seungu Choi of Korea will travel with the taekwondo players as coaches, former national players Najia Rasool and Shamim Akhtar are also among the officials of the taekwondo team. are

While the names of previous officials have been added to the hockey list, the accreditation of new officials has not been finalised, on the other hand, tennis and e-sports players will participate in the event without a coach or manager.

It should be noted that the Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou, China from September 23 to October 8.

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