Tuesday, September 26, 2023

“The President did not give the election date in Punjab”

A petition against notification not to hold elections in 90 days has been disposed of

The Lahore High Court has issued a petition against the Election Commission against the notification not to hold elections in 90 days.

Advocate Muqtas Saleem said that the assemblies were dissolved on August 10 and a notification for not holding elections was issued on August 17 and the election date was given by the President.

The court said that where the election has been written, on which the applicant’s lawyer said that Article 224 has been written in Article two, the Election Commission exceeded the powers, Article 48 says that the president will end the dates, he will give the date.

The court said that the president did not give a date, to which the public prosecutor said that the assembly was dissolved by the Prime Minister’s proposal, so the court questioned why the president did not give the date, there is nothing regarding the notification date, notification. According to the date, the date went beyond 90 days.

The court further said that the notification is to be given within the timeframe, the president has to give date and then the notification will be issued, there is a clause that the Election Commission will give date.

The government lawyer said that the Election Commission is in the role of role, but according to the law, the president has dissolved the assemblies, the president has given the election date. The Election Commission has to ensure it.

The court said that the question is that the date is not come from the president, the election has been going forward for 90 days under notification, the president has a constitutional responsibility to give the election date, the first step has not been taken, the constitutional request. Correct it.

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The lawyer said that I would amend the petition, to which the court said that it was a constitutional request, it could not order it on assumptions, amend it or file another application.

The court added that if you make amendments, it will have to get permission, this is not a small and easy problem.

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