Thursday, September 21, 2023

The prospects of GSP Plus scheme for Pakistan started to become clear

The chances of the European Union continuing the GSP+ scheme of preferential trade privileges to Pakistan are becoming clear.

This was indicated by the Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan Dr. Reena Cuenca and the Head of Division for Pakistan and Afghanistan in the European External Action Service, Darren Deria, during a panel discussion in the European capital, Brussels.

In a video message released by Dr. Reena Kavinka, it is said that this scheme of trade preferences will continue not only for Pakistan but also for other countries benefiting from it.

He said that because it is not only beneficial for exporters and factory workers and others in Pakistan, but it will also benefit European buyers and end consumers of Pakistani products.

Dr. Reena Kavinka says that for this, the implementation of the conditions related to the acquisition of this scheme will continue to be monitored and the European Parliament and member states will be informed about it.

According to the Ambassador of the European Union in Pakistan Reena Cuenca and the Head of Mission in European External Affairs Brussels, the latest report on the monitoring of this scheme is coming soon.

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