Friday, September 22, 2023

The Sindh Assembly will not be dissolved today, the last session will be held tomorrow

The chief minister will write a letter to the governor on Friday to dissolve the assembly

The Sindh Assembly is not being dissolved today, the last session of the Assembly will be held tomorrow which will continue till Friday, on Friday the Chief Minister of Sindh will write a letter to the Governor to dissolve the Assembly.

A few hours are left before the dissolution of the National Assembly, and a summary of the dissolution of the Assembly has been sent to the Prime Minister by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, however, the Sindh Assembly will not be dissolved today, and its last session will be held tomorrow.

The last session of Sindh Assembly which started tomorrow will continue till Friday, and on that day (Friday) Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah will write a letter to Governor Kamran Tesori to dissolve the Assembly.

Opposition consultation for Caretaker Chief Minister accelerated
MQM has also decided to take JUI into confidence for the election of caretaker chief minister of Sindh, and in this regard MQM delegation will meet JUI General Secretary Allama Rashid Mahmood Soomro today.

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In the political meeting held at JUI leader Rashid Soomro’s residence, matters related to the formation of caretaker government will be discussed.

In the meeting, there will also be a consultation regarding forming an alliance in the general elections, and the leaders of both the parties will make announcements about the future course of action after the meeting.

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