Sunday, December 3, 2023

The US Department of State cannot call the allegations against Imran Khan baseless

Demanding respect for democratic principles, human rights and the rule of law in Pakistan, the United States

Spokesperson of the US State Department, Matthew Miller, says that the allegations against Imran Khan cannot be dismissed as baseless.

During the press conference briefing in Washington, the spokesman was asked that if Imran’s arrest is an internal matter of Pakistan, how is it different from the case of Russian opposition leader Alexander Navalny.

Answering the journalist’s question, Matthew Miller said that we believe that the arrest of Imran Khan is an internal matter of Pakistan, while Russia is violating human rights in the case of Navalny.

The spokesperson of the US Department of State said that we demand respect for democratic principles, human rights and the rule of law in Pakistan as well as around the world.

“I will let people interpret our response in all sorts of different ways, I think our response to this arrest of Imran Khan and his previous arrests has always been consistent in calling it an internal matter for Pakistan,” he said. .

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Matthew Miller said that the United States understands that sometimes there are cases that are clearly unfounded and that the United States believes that it should have a say in this matter, but we have not made that commitment here.

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It should be noted that the former Prime Minister and Chairman PTI was arrested from Zaman Park Lahore and transferred to Attock Jail after being sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment and 5 years of disqualification in the Tosha Khana criminal case.

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