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The whole country would have cursed the May 9 incident may the innocent be released | Sheikh Rasheed

The whole country would have cursed the May 9 incident, may the innocent be released: Sheikh Rasheed

Rawalpindi: ( The head of Awami Muslim League and former federal interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that the whole country curses the May 9 incident and calls it shameful. .

In his video message on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that last night Punjab Police and Elite Force raided my house at 40 Golf City, the police entered my house again by breaking the doors, the good thing is that No employee was beaten or vandalized.

He said that with God it is late, not dark, every day is not Sunday, if you think that videos and cameras have been taken, don’t worry, I have all the records, the whole country curses the incident of May 9. Shameful, the institution should send its agencies in the police and investigate what charges and how much money is being taken to evict unknown and named people.

The former federal minister said that looting is being done, people are very tight ahead, this army is ours, this is the army of Pakistan, no one in Pakistan has any bad thoughts against the army, for the sake of God, the innocents have been released. Go, the guilty should be punished, it has been a month, there is a row of mourning in people’s houses.

The head of Awami Muslim League further said that there is poverty, inflation and unemployment in Pakistan, no one should vote for these PDM people, those who have left Qasim’s Abu have bathed in the Ganges, the innocents remain in jail. This is not justice, please punish the guilty and release the innocent.

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