Thursday, September 21, 2023

The woman who sent ‘poison’ in a letter to Donald Trump was jailed for 22 years

The woman holds the citizenship of both Canada and France

The US Department of Justice has said that the woman who sent a threatening letter to then-President Donald Trump in September 2020 has been sentenced to 22 years in prison.

According to the British news agency Reuters, the 55-year-old woman Pascale Cécile Véronique Ferrier, a citizen of both Canada and France, confessed to her crime at the beginning of this year.

On Thursday, August 17, the statement of the US Department of Justice said that the woman had sent letters filled with the poison “Rison” to Donald Trump in the White House and 8 Texas State law enforcement officials.

The authorities seized the letter envelope filled with poisonous material before it reached the respective addressee. The letter was sent to President Trump at the White House address.

The envelope contained the poisonous substance rysan, which is made from castor beans. Even a small amount of rysan can be incapacitated by sniffing, swallowing or injecting.

The contents of the letter were tested to confirm the presence of raisonné.

Pascal Ferrier was arrested two days later at the Canada-US border between Buffalo and Fort Erie, Ontario, after prosecutors said the woman admitted to making the raison d’etre at her residence in the Canadian province of Quebec in September 2020.

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