Thursday, March 23, 2023

Enraged mob burns robbers to death in Karachi

KARACHI: An enraged crowd on Saturday burnt two suspected robbers to death near Makka Hotel, Khawaja Ajmer Nagri 4K Chowrangi, in Karachi.

The mob reportedly arrested the suspected robbers and set them on fire after thrashing them badly. Police sources said the robbers died on the spot due to burn injuries. The robbers have been identified as Nadir Hussain and Imran.

Khawaja Ajmer Nagri police station officials said they were gathering more information related to the incident. Police said one pistol and two mobile phones were recovered from the possession of the dacoits.

Police said people caught them when they were busy in mugging people at a petrol pump. Further investigation was underway, they added

Later, police apprised that the incident took place near a rickshaw stand. They said criminal record of the culprits was also traced. Several cases were lodged against Nadir Hussain in district Korangi, Malir and Central. While, one case was filed against Imran.

“Both the robbers were fleeing after snatching valuables from a citizen named Jibran. Jibran started shouting as they were running away. Shopkeepers and passersby standing nearby caught them. The bullet got stuck in the pistol’s chamber when the robbers tried to open fire,” said the police adding that multiple unknown people tortured and set them on fire.


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