Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Indian airline takes Patna-bound passenger to Udaipur in massive mess

NEW DELHI – An Indian airline is facing flak for dropping off a passenger 1400 km away from his destination city, in what appears to be a negligence on part of the airline.

The Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation has launched an inquiry after a Patna bound passenger boarded another flight of the airline and landed at Udaipur. The flight departed on Monday but the passenger made it to his destination the next day after facing agony.

Afsar Hussain had booked a ticket for Patna via Indigo flight 6E-214 and boarded the flight from Delhi airport but he mistakenly opted Udaipur-bound flight 6E-319 of Indigo.

Hussain only came to know that he has landed at the wrong place after landing at Udaipur Airport after which officials alerted the airline about the matter. Reports say he was taken back to Delhi and then to Patna on January 31.

As the inquiry has been ordered, a DGCA official said a report has been sought on the matter and appropriate action will be taken against the airline primarily because boarding passes are checked at two points and none of the relevant checking officer noticed the anomaly. 

The airline stated on Friday that they regret the inconvenience caused to the passenger. Interestingly, another incident of the same nature happened few weeks ago when a passenger who had the airline’s ticket and boarding pass for an Indore-bound flight boarded a wrong flight and landed at Nagpur airport.

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