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UAE tourist visa overstayers at risk of absconding case; here are the details

DUBAI – The tourists who are overstaying their visit visas are being prosecuted against by UAE travel agencies and tour operators and might face blacklisting as well.

The violators are also at a risk of being banned from entering the UAE or any Gulf Cooperation Council country and tour operators say that such punishment could be awarded if they keep on staying five days after expiry of visas.

A travel agency also issued a circular in this regard warning the tourist visa holders that overstay of even one day will be absconded without any notice.

Another travel agent also issued a ‘final reminder’ in this regard while elaborating that the absconding ban has been started and whoever is overstaying for more than 5 days will be blacklisted and will not be allowed to enter the UAE or any GCC country.

Although the warnings are stern, they are still from travel agencies and not from the relevant immigration authorities.

When asked as to why absconding cases are being filed, a travel agent explained that any visitor travelling to the UAE on a visit visa of 30 days or 60 days is under their sponsorship and so losses are incurred if the visitor overstays visa term, Khaleej Times reported.

The agent explained that the fine for overstay is slapped on them and so the same is taken from the visitors overstaying beyond the limit. The agencies also face fear of having their application portals blocked besides fines. 

“A person overstaying should also get an outpass to exit the country along with the fines, which become a huge burden on us, and we have given the option to charge them with absconding,” added a travel agent.

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Those charged with absconding can do this

A violator charged with absconding would need to clarify the case with the agent who issued his visa or the sponsor. After paying the fines, the case could be withdrawn and observers estimate the penalty to be around Dh2,000 for those overstaying their visa limits.

The absconders also fear arrest by police as it is a criminal offence to stay in any country after expiry of the visa term.

As a matter of fact, many visitors only come to realise about absconding case when they reach the airport and so travel agents emphasize keeping a check on your visa term. 

The travel agents also run a background check at times to confirm whether a visa applicant intends to come back or would harm their reputation being a sponsor.

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