Thursday, September 21, 2023

Turkey prepared to make a big drama from Ertugrul

The Rumi series is written by Ali Edin and Mele Enzingen.

After the popularity of “Ertugrul” drama among the Arab world, Pakistan and British Muslims, now “Rumi” drama is also coming to the public scene very soon.

Since 2015, TV producers in Turkey have created dramas based on the Ottoman Empire.

Now the Turkish broadcasting organization TRT has decided to make a new series called “Rumi” about the famous Sufi Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi, the trailer of which has been released.

In the trailer, Rumi is seen chanting with other Sufis.

Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi is famous for his devotional poetry, which earned him respect in the Islamic world as well as in the West.

The producers of Rumi want to focus on the spiritual dimension of the great poet’s life through this series.

In the trailer, Rumi is seen chanting with other Sufis.

It should be noted that every episode of Ertugrul has received millions of views on YouTube. The drama Ertugul has received more than 8.7 billion views.

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In the play, Ertugrul Ghazi, a 13th century historical figure, is seen fighting for his religion, he was the son of Suleiman Shah.

The Roman series is written by Ali Edin and Mele Enzingen, directed by Ken Oelke and produced by Karim Ildez.

Blunt Anil, who played the role of Abdul Hameed II in ‘The Last Emperor’, will play the lead role in the series.

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