Thursday, September 28, 2023

Two friends set a world record by visiting 48 states in a short time

If one gets a good friend, then he gets life and then a friend who has the same hobbies as you, then life is full.

Two friends who are full of life and have the same desires have entered the Guinness Book of World Records by traveling across 48 states in just 38 hours and 13 minutes.

Two pilot friends from the United States, John Scatton and Robert Reynolds, set this wonderful world record by flying the fastest plane to 48 contiguous states from May 17 to 19 this year.

According to foreign media reports, John Scatton and Robert Reynolds decided to set this record for 4 reasons.

The first reason was his own personal desire to visit all 448 states in one trip and create a beautiful memory of his life. The second is to tell the world that one can travel the world even in a small plane, the third is to encourage people to see the world and the fourth is to promote tourism.

He said that in order to set this record, he had to take off again shortly after landing in each state and made the shortest trip of 4 minutes between the states of Nebraska to Iowa and Ohio to West Virginia. .

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