Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan, and it offers a wide range of internet packages to its customers. These packages are designed to meet the needs of all types of users, from casual internet users to heavy data consumers.

Ufone internet packages can be divided into three main categories: daily, weekly, and monthly. Daily packages are ideal for users who only need internet access for a short period of time, while weekly and monthly packages are better suited for users who need internet access for longer periods of time.

Ufone also offers a variety of hybrid packages that combine the internet with other services, such as minutes and SMS. These packages can be a great option for users who want to save money on their monthly telecom bill.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Ufone offers a variety of daily internet packages, starting as low as Rs. 3. These packages are perfect for users who only need internet access for a short period of time, such as for checking emails or browsing social media.

Here are some of the most popular Ufone daily internet packages:

NetworkPackage NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPriceSubscribe Code
Ufone Free Snapchat Offer1001 DayRs.0*9898#
Ufone Daily Whatsapp Offer1001 DayRs.1.5*987#
Ufone Daily Chat Package500100001 DayRs.6*3465#
Ufone Social Daily Package1001 DayRs.7*4422#
Ufone Best Morning Offer20001 DayRs.7*4200#
Ufone Special Daily 3G Package501 DayRs.8*3461#
Ufone Streaming Offer (1 hour)5001 DayRs.12*78#
Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus15001 DayRs.13*10#
Ufone Daily Light 3G/4GB Package401 DayRs.14*2256#
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G Package5005001 DayRs.16*6060#
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G Package751 DayRs.20*2258#
Ufone Mega Internet20001 DayRs.20*550#
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer101001 DayRs.21*888#
Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 301 DayRs.30*123*2*CARD NUMBER#

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

In order to cater to the needs of customers, Ufone has introduced several weekly data offers with high data volumes at affordable prices. Through these weekly offers, customers can easily satisfy their data needs. In the weekly internet category, Ufone has packages like “Weekly Super Internet” and “Weekly Internet Plus,” where customers get an ample amount of data at a low price point.

In the “Weekly Super” internet bundle, prepaid sim users get 1.2 GB of data for Rs 130 for a whole week. To avail of this amazing weekly offer, customers have to dial *220# or use the “My Ufone” app to activate it.

Subscribers of the “Weekly Internet Plus” offer will get 6 GB of data for Rs. 175 for a whole week. However, subscribers to this offer can only consume 3 GB of data from 1 AM to 8 AM. Customers interested in the offer can dial *260# or use “My Ufone app” to activate this amazing weekly internet offer.

Ufone has one amazing hybrid package that offers customers 100 Ufone-to-Ufone minutes, 1000 MB of internet, and 100 SMS for 7 days for just Rs. 120 (including tax). Prepaid customers can activate the “Asli Chappar Phaar” offer by dialing *5050# on their mobile device.

Looking for some more weekly hybrid bundles? Here’s a great hybrid bundle that allows the customer to make calls and surf the internet at affordable rates. In the “Weekly Pakistan” offer, customers get 100 MB of data and 700 Ufone and PTCL minutes for 7 days for Rs. 100 (including tax). In order to activate this offer, customers have to dial *8888# on their mobile phone or use the “My Ufone” app to do so.

The company has introduced Super Cards at various price points, like “Super Card Gold”, “Super Card” and “Mini Super Card”. Customers looking for a one- or two week package can get a “Mini Super Card” from their nearest retailers. By loading the “Mini Super Card”, the prepaid users will get 600 MBs of internet, 500 Ufone to Ufone & PTCL minutes, 75 off-net minutes, and 3500 SMS for 15 whole days for Rs. 330. Customers can also subscribe to this offer by dialing *230# on their mobile phone.

For Ufone SIM users, we have listed out all the weekly internet bundles with all the relevant details in the table given below. Simply choose the internet package that you think would be ideal for you, then click “How to Subscribe” to learn the complete activation procedure.

NetworkPackage NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPriceSubscribe Code
Ufone Nayi SIM Offer7 DaysRs.0*706#
Ufone TikTok Offer15007 DaysRs.70*2345#
Ufone Weekly SnackVideo Offer25007 DaysRs.70*265#
Ufone Internet Max Offer250007 DaysRs.90*2570#
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer1007007 DaysRs.115*8888#
Ufone YouTube Offer50007 DaysRs.120*5883#
Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 1207 DaysRs.120*123*1*CARD NUMBER#
Ufone Best Weekly Offer200010007 DaysRs.130*7070#
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer10001001007 DaysRs.140*5050#
Ufone Super Internet15007 DaysRs.160*220#
Ufone Weekly Internet Plus100007 DaysRs.220*260#
Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet160007 DaysRs.250*270#
Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 2607 DaysRs.250*123*1*CARD NUMBER#
Ufone UPower Internet Offer160007 DaysRs.260*270#
Ufone Sab Se Bari Offer40000500050007 DaysRs.320*7777#
Ufone Sab Se Bari Plus Offer40000500020050007 DaysRs.350*7777#

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone, the first choice of many Pakistani due to its great coverage and low data rates has a wide range of monthly internet packages. In this category, they have some exciting internet bundles such as “Monthly Light”, “Social Monthly”, “Super Internet Plus”, “Monthly Heavy”, “Monthly Max,” etc. that are ideal for every customer’s data usage.

In the “Monthly Light” package, Ufone users will get 2 GB (Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp) data + 1 GB for browsing other stuff for 30 days. To activate this package, Ufone customers have to recharge the balance with a load of Rs.390. After recharging the balance, just dial *7807# or go to Ufone mobile app to activate this exciting internet package.

Social Monthly offers customers 1 GB of data for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for a complete month in just Rs. 60. In order to subscribe to this offer, prepaid users have to dial *5858# on their mobile phone. Subscribers of this offer can check the remaining resources by dialling *706# or visiting the official Ufone mobile app.

“Super internet plus” package offers customers 5 GB of data for WhatsApp + 8 GB of data for other stuff in the load of Rs. 499 for 30 days. Ufone sim users interested in this offer can subscribe to this amazing offer by dialling *290# on the mobile device or by visiting the official Ufone website or mobile app. Just like other offers, customers can check the remaining resources by dialling *706#. Through this USSD code, customers can easily check all the usage details.

Customers with heavy mobile internet usage can get subscribed to this amazing monthly package. In the “Monthly Heavy” bundle, users get 2 GB (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line) data + 3 GB data for other stuff for a whole month in the mobile load of Rs. 780. Interested customers can activate the package via Ufone mobile app or by dialling *803# on their mobile device.

In the “Monthly Max” internet package, users get 2 GB of data for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line + 10 GB for other things for complete 30 days. To activate this offer, Ufone customers have to top-up their mobile account with a load of Rs. 1560. After topping up the mobile balance, customers interested in this offer need to dial *5100# on their mobile device in order to activate. Customers can also use the Ufone official website or mobile app to activate this offer.

Just like weekly hybrid bundles, Ufone has some great monthly Super Card offers through which customers can enjoy all the services without any inconvenience. The company has been offering monthly super cards at three price points – Rs.570, Rs. 599, and Rs. 999.

In the super card of Rs. 570, customers get 150 off-net minutes, 1000 Ufone & PTCL minutes, 4000 SMS and 1200 MBs internet for 30 days. In the super card of Rs. 599, customers get 180 minutes, unlimited Ufone & PTCL minutes, 4200 SMS and 2000 MB data + unlimited Facebook for a whole month. Super card of Rs. 999 offers customer’s 300 off-net minutes, 5 GB data + unlimited Facebook, unlimited Ufone & PTCL minutes and unlimited SMS for a whole month. Ufone sim users can get these super cards from nearest retailers.

NetworkPackage NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPriceSubscribe Code
Ufone Sim Lagao Offer60006000600030 DaysRs.0*5000#
Ufone Nayi Sim Double Offer30 DaysRs.0*141#
Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Offer600030 DaysRs.60*987#
Ufone Social Monthly Package100030 DaysRs.75*5858#
Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer600030 DaysRs.100*987#
Ufone Monthly FreeFire Offer1000030 DaysRs.100*3#
Ufone Monthly PUBG Offer1000030 DaysRs.100*3#
Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Offer100030 DaysRs.250*3#
Ufone Monthly Light100030 DaysRs.395*7807#
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer400400030 DaysRs.460*8888#
Ufone Super Internet Plus1800030 DaysRs.549*290#
Ufone Super Card Plus30002000225420030 DaysRs.720*250#
Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet3000030 DaysRs.730*310#
Ufone Super Card Max14000Unlimited350450030 DaysRs.749*629#
Ufone Super Card Gold24000Unlimited600Unlimited30 DaysRs.1099*900#
Ufone Monthly Max1000030 DaysRs.1418*5100#
Ufone UFamily3000080010000600030 DaysRs.1999*5555#

Ufone Others Internet Packages

Just like other mobile networks, Ufone has some special content bundles and 3-day internet packages for their customers through which they can get access to high-speed internet services. In the “3 Day Bucket” offer, customers get 500 MB (Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp) data + 100 MB in Rs. 30 for 3 days. Prepaid users interested in the offer can activate it via Ufone mobile app or by dialling *3350# on their mobile device.

The company has started introducing the special content bundles for streaming as well like the “Hourly Streaming Offer” that provide customers 500 MB data for YouTube + Dailymotion in just Rs. 10 for 1 hour. Users interested in this offer can activate it via Ufone official website and mobile app or by dialling *78# on their mobile phone. To find remaining data and validity of the bundle, prepaid users need to dial *706# or visit the Ufone mobile app.

In order to attract new and existing customers to buy new Ufone sim, the company has introduced the “Nayi Sim Offer”. Through this offer, whoever buys a new Ufone sim will get free WhatsApp for 3 months. Moreover, on every recharge of Rs. 50 or more within the next 3 months, the user will get free 1GB internet, 1GB Facebook, 500 U-U/PTCL minutes and 500 SMS for 5 days. To avail this offer, customers have to dial *1000# on their mobile device.

Ufone brings another exciting offer for the customers who haven’t used their sim for the last 30 days. With this offer, all prepaid customers can get 6000 U-U/PTCL minutes, 6000 MBs and 6000 SMS by switching on their inactive Ufone sim. Customers who fit the criteria will be able to avail this offer. According to the company’s website, the company reserved the right to withdraw the offer at any time they like. So, customers who fit the criteria should avail this amazing offer right now.

In the following table, we have listed out all the internet packages with complete details for the Ufone sim users. Just take a look at the following table and subscribe to the internet package that would be ideal for you.

NetworkPackage NameFree MBsFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSValidityPriceSubscribe Code
Ufone Free FacebookUnlimitedRs.0Subscription to this offer is upon selecting Free Facebook option by the user.

Ufone Power Hour606060Rs.8.2*99#
Ufone 3 Day Bucket1003 DaysRs.30*3350#
Ufone Upower Card – Rs. 602 DaysRs.60*123*1*CARD NUMBER#
Ufone Super Recharge Offer100300207002 DaysRs.70*300#
Ufone Regional OfferRs.100*4466#
Ufone Social Hero Offer1200030050300Rs.200*4440#
Ufone Mini Super Card30001000100350015 DaysRs.349*230#

Ufone offers numerous lucrative internet data packages which customers can choose from as they see fitting best to their needs. Internet use through mobile data could be inefficient mostly as you cannot keep track of the expenditure so opting for an internet package is the way to go. Their validity period is for a day, week or a month. Internet packs are offered in efficient prices from 5 rupees to a 1000 Rupees.

The highest internet data is provided with 10GB for a whole month with a price of thousand rupees. All features are offered on recharge and card offers like utilizing Ufone Super Recharge Package, Ufone Super Mini Card, Ufone Super Card and Ufone Super Card plus. The weekly validity includes 3 day offer as well, Ufone 3 Day 3G Package which provides users with 100 MB internet data for 25 rupees with no validity time period. There is also Daily lite and daily heavy which give 40 MB and 75 MB free internet data respectively and similarly there is also a weekly version available for these offers as well and include 250 and 500 MB of free internet data service. The Ufone super Internet can be availed for a week and offers 1.024 GB for 76.94 rupees. The Cost of each package will further include taxes and terms and conditions are applicable to all offers.