Saturday, September 30, 2023

Violent organization will not be allowed to participate in elections, the bill will be presented today

The Prevention of Violent Extremism Bill will be introduced in the Senate today, under which violent organizations will not be allowed to participate in elections.

According to ARY News, the Prevention of Violent Extremism Bill will be presented in the Senate today. According to the bill, the violent organization will not be allowed to participate in the election. Its leader’s passport will be confiscated and travel into the country banned, while media access or publication of the violent individual or organization will be banned.

According to the bill, violent extremism refers to the use of force in ideological, religious and political matters. Violence, intimidation or incitement for the sake of sectarianism, supporting sectarianism as prohibited by law. Violent extremism is providing financial support to an individual or organization that is violently extremist.

The bill states that violent extremism includes inciting others to use force, violence and hostility. Protecting and harboring a scheduled person is violent extremism, praising violent extremism and spreading information about it is violent extremism.

The government can add a person or organization to lists 1 and 2 on violent extremism. List one would be an organization involved in violent extremism, headed by a violent extremist. List one will also include organizations that have re-emerged after changing their names.

List 2 includes persons involved in violent extremism. List 2 will also include violent organizations, leaders or financial supporters of violent organizations. Violent person or organization leader or individual will be banned from moving or going out of Pakistan.

The government will investigate the violent outfit’s assets. The government will also monitor the activities of its leaders, officials and members. Leaders, officials and members of violent organizations will have their passports confiscated and their arms licenses revoked. Assets, properties and bank accounts of violent organizations will be frozen and such organizations will not be allowed to participate in elections.

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According to the bill, no financial institution will provide financial assistance to the leader, member or official of this organization. The government will investigate the assets of the person and the family while the government will provide de-radicalization training to the person concerned.

The government may re-examine the removal of the organization from List I or II after seeing its conduct. Aggrieved organization or individual will be able to file an application before the review committee within 30 days.

The affected organization or individual can appeal to the High Court if the application is rejected. The Department may remove an individual or organization from the list at any time. Upon delisting, the individual or organization will remain under observation for 6 months and the period may be extended.

According to the bill, no person will be allowed to be involved in violent extremism or propagation in the educational institutions and the educational institutions will immediately report any such action to the government. No public servant will allow himself or his family to indulge in violent extremism. Violent extremist content will be immediately removed and blocked from social media.

The punishable offense shall be triable by the Court of Session. The matter will be investigated and inquired by the police or any other agency. Violent extremism is punishable by imprisonment for 3 to 10 years and a fine of up to 20 lakh rupees. Violation of the law will be punishable by imprisonment for 1 to 5 years and a fine of up to 10 lakhs. An organization involved in violent extremism will be fined Rs 50 lakh.

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An organization violating the law will be fined up to 20 lakhs. Aiding or abetting or abetting will also be punishable with imprisonment up to 10 years and a fine of 20 lakhs. A person harboring a person who commits an offense shall also be liable to imprisonment and fine. A person providing information or assistance to the government will be protected. A person included in the list can be detained for 90 days to 12 months. The aggrieved person will have the right to appeal to the High Court.

The government will establish a De-Radicalization Center for the rehabilitation and de-radicalization of violent individuals and a Research Center to Counter Violent Extremism.

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