Sunday, December 3, 2023

Why Shaheen Shah Afridi got the title of the best bowler in the world?

The Hunders League took 2 wickets for 2 balls in the first match

The spectators and commentators in the ‘The Hundred’ Cricket League of the fast -changing world cricket, Shaheen Shah Afridi, were honored with the sharp and roaming balls, then declared them ‘the best bowler in the world’.

In the match played yesterday, Shaheen Shah Afridi had already sent two batters out of the first two balls of the over and sent the pavilion.

When these scenes were shared on social timelines, Shaheen Shah Afridi was appointed as the ‘best bowler in the world’ in the background commentary.

Cricket fans praised Shaheen Shah Afridi for playing his first match and taking 2 wickets for the first 2 balls.

Indian fans also appeared to be honored by Shaheen Shah Afridi’s excellent performance.

Shaheen Shah Afridi’s first match was praised by the official account of The Hundreds of The Hundred.

Former English cricketer Nick Knight shared a video of Shaheen Shah Afridi, saying, “If you can stop Shaheen Shah Afridi with a new ball, stop.”

In a match of 100 balls, Shaheen Shah Afridi scored two overs of 5.5 balls and took two wickets for 24 runs.

In the match played in Cardiff, Shaheen Shah Afridi’s team, Welsh Fire, defeated Manchester Organals by 9 runs.

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