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World Environment Day is being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan

World Environment Day is being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan

Lahore: ( World Environment Day is being celebrated to highlight the problems and protection of the natural environment around the world including Pakistan.

World Environment Day is being celebrated around the world, including Pakistan, under the theme of solving plastic pollution. According to UNDP, Pakistan generates about 20 million tons of waste annually, of which 5 to 10 percent is plastic waste.

Pakistan is among the first 10 countries affected by climate change, the heat wave is unbearable in summer and the intensity of cold is increasing in winter, climate change is a precursor of sometimes drought and sometimes catastrophic floods in the region. Also started to become.

According to the Global Climate Risk Index of the international organization German Watch, Pakistan is one of the countries that suffer from natural disasters due to climate change. From 2000 to 2019, 173 natural disasters occurred in Pakistan due to climate change. A loss of 52 percent is also occurring on each unit of GDP.

According to experts, 23 percent of Pakistan’s GDP depends on agriculture, extreme weather conditions are also having negative effects on crop production, moving towards climate smart agriculture for food security has become the need of the hour.

According to environmentalist Abrar Shinwari, in order to deal with the devastating effects of climate change, apart from creating effective policies at the government level, each individual must also realize their individual responsibility.

Experts have warned that if climate change is to be tackled, it will be necessary to stop not only deforestation and water wastage, but also to tackle other sources of pollution, including plastic.

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