Friday, June 2, 2023

Yamaha Launches Exclusive Rim Stickers For YBR 125G

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has launched exclusive rim stickers for the Yamaha YBR 125G for a limited time to early customers.

Taking to Twitter, the company posted, “Transform your ride into a work of art with the exclusive rim stickers.”

It added, “These are limited to only early customer.”

According to the company, you should place your order right way in order to get your YBR 125G with the exclusive rim stickers.

Furthermore, Yamaha Motor Pakistan claims that the exclusive rim stickers will ‘revolutionize your ride.’

It is pertinent to mention that Yamaha has recently introduced a new Matt Orange color for the Yamaha YBR 125G and raised prices of its motorcycles as well, taking the new price of the YBR 125G to Rs. 410,000.

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